The Global Talent Recruitment Revolution is Here: How Accirro is Disrupting the IndustryUncategorizedThe Global Talent Recruitment Revolution is Here: How Accirro is Disrupting the Industry

The Global Talent Recruitment Revolution is Here: How Accirro is Disrupting the Industry

Ask any growing company what their biggest barrier to reaching the next level is and the resounding answer is hiring specialized technical or executive talent, fast.

89% of tech leaders say talent shortages are slowing growth. The recruiting grind is real. But it doesn’t have to be with Accirro.

The Challenges Companies Face

Hiring developers, engineers, product managers and technical leaders takes companies an eternity – 6, 9 or even 12 months per role with exhausting efforts yielding limited qualified options.

Most companies want diversity but resort to homogeneous teams because expanding overseas recruiting incurs daunting legal, operational and cultural complexities.

The process consumes ridiculous effort for minimal output. There has to be a better way.

The Accirro Genesis Story

Accirro emerged from these universal hiring frustrations but also seizing possibilities.

As a veteran HR leader at top global companies for over 20 years spanning 4 continents, Accirro’s founder Atti witnessed firsthand the abundance and diversity of world-class technical professionals internationally – if you knew where to access them.

He realized that while the talent was definitely out there globally, the means for efficiently accessing and harnessing it simply didn’t exist yet especially for ambitious innovative companies.

The seed for the eventual genesis of Accirro was planted…

Fast forward years later to a fateful business trip where Atti met his soon-to-be Co-Founder Yi Min, a Chinese entrepreneur who had built and profitably exited recruitment firms across Asia. They immediately clicked while discussing opportunities to disrupt this space.

And thus Accirro was conceived shortly thereafter – on daring ambition, serendipitous partnership and the promise of leveraging technology to radically simplify global recruitment.

Inside Accirro’s Cutting Edge Capabilities

After 18 months of intense R&D and testing, Accirro launched its proprietary Direct Talent Discovery platform and services changing enterprise recruiting forever.

Leveraging advanced AI and ML algorithms, the core technology revolutionized identifying, screening and matching specialized overseas professionals – fast.

But Accirro doesn’t just stop there with leaving clients to navigate the treacherous complexity of immigration, payroll, onboarding and compliance across countries.

We provide full-service end-to-end support from paper prep, visas interview scheduling, relocation support, localized onboarding guided by dedicated TAMs that de-risk and de-stress even first-time overseas hiring allowing you to seamlessly plug in phenomenal global talent supercharging your strategic initiatives with minimal heavy lifting.

The Immense Value Accirro Unlocks

In mere weeks, Accirro helps companies achieve what previously took up to a year if ever:

  • Shortlisting extremely scarce but perfectly matched candidates they didn’t even fathom existed
  • Forging diverse world-class technical teams with differentiated global perspectives
  • Realizing over 4X recruiting velocity gains and 37% average savings over alternatives
  • De-risking the entire process from immigration logistics to compliance assurance

The verdict is clear. When it comes to specialized global recruitment for scaleups and innovative large enterprises, the game has decisively changed. The revolution is here.

And Accirro sits firmly at the bleeding edge pioneering access to the next wave of elite talent transforming how high-trajectory businesses fundamentally get built in the 21st century digital frontier.

To be continued in the next chapter unlocking phenomenal human potential….

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