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3 Costly Mistakes Companies Make When Recruiting Global Technical Talent

Expanding your talent search worldwide promises immense advantages – specialized skills, speed and cost savings.

But attempt overseas recruiting without proper expertise in place? Disaster often strikes.

Common debacles we see time and again working with leading companies:

Mistake #1: Lacking Cultural Adaptation

A large hardware manufacturer once asked us why their engineering manager role sat unfilled for months despite posting it through a global job board and their site being mobile-friendly to attract overseas candidates.

We discovered the lone image on their “Culture” page featured a holiday party with alcohol prevalent. In Muslim-majority countries like Turkey, Egypt and parts of Asia where exceptional technical talent abounds, that innocent aspect immediately disqualifies them.

Mistake #2: Squandering Internal Resources

An aggressive pre-IPO tech unicorn attempted tackling global recruiting through their ambitious but overworked internal talent acquisition team. With constantly evolving compliance complexities in Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia and other high-potential markets all diverging from local norms, their strategy resembled a chaotic tower of babel perpetually behind needs that hindered execution until leadership finally allowed bringing in experienced external expertise.

Mistake #3: Underestimating Regulatory Complexity

Another standout scaleup securing millions in funding made quick hires across three continents to hypercharge product development without realising employment laws surrounding equity vesting and termination materially differed.

Their engineering headcount turnover suddenly spiked as legally savvy team members exploited compliance gaps to “job hop” risk-free right after annual refreshers posted forcing rapid changes limiting flexibility for all employees

Such is the unpredictable myriad of legal, regulatory and operational pitfalls that can suddenly ambush companies attempting overseas hiring without proper cross-border employment expertise in place. Through hard earned experience, Accirro helps leading companies sidestep such costly global recruitment hazards from the outset allowing them to readily access extraordinary talent accelerating their visions.

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