How One Startup Hired World-Class Developers in Just 5 Weeks Using AccirroUncategorizedHow One Startup Hired World-Class Developers in Just 5 Weeks Using Accirro

How One Startup Hired World-Class Developers in Just 5 Weeks Using Accirro

Trying to hire specialized technical talent in London as a growing startup is brutal. 6 months to fill a role – if you’re lucky. Hundreds of unqualified applicants to sort through. A demoralizing grind.

That was the hard reality GrooveMint founder Ade Adele faced trying to hire React Native developers to launch his music streaming app… until he fortuitously met the Accirro team at a tech conference and everything changed.

Just 5 weeks after deciding to partner with Accirro, GrooveMint hired two senior mobile engineers considered near impossible to land – one from Brazil, another from Tunisia – to take ownership of driving the startup’s iOS and Android app development and literally rewrite its future trajectory overnight.

“I underestimated how hard building a world-class globally distributed dev team could be until I learned of Accirro’s incredible access and capabilities. My productivity and peace of mind have skyrocketed ever since.”

Here’s an inside look at how exactly Accirro supercharged GrooveMint’s global mobile team recruiting virtually overnight:

The Challenge: Finding Unicorn Mobile Engineering Talent

As an early-stage London startup in the hotly competitive music app space, GrooveMint operated on a lean budget but understood hiring specialised mobile product talent was non-negotiable to gaining traction.

“I needed senior React Native engineers that came ready to hit the ground running from day one with minimal guidance. But finding even intermediate developers locally with any mobile or startup expertise felt near impossible.” said Ade looking back.

Junior engineers couldn’t deliver the platform innovation GrooveMint had envisioned. Yet senior UK and European applicants invariably got counteroffers he couldn’t match or lacked interest in the risks of venture-stage roles.

Stuck between a rock and hard place, the possibility of having to potentially shelve launch plans loomed. Morale was stagnating. There had to be another way.

And that alternative emerged through meeting Accirro.

Instantly Accessing Elite Mobile Engineering Talent – Globally

Within an hour-long consultation, Accirro crystallized transformative solutions for GrooveMint simply by expanding the talent search radius:

Its private virtual events would grant exclusive access to elite pre-vetted talent from across emerging engineering hotspots like Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia innovative London startups remained oblivious to.

“My mind instantly exploded with ideas from the possibilities Accirro introduced” exclaimed Ade. “I found renewed inspiration recognising the immense talent that existed globally that aligned brilliantly with GrooveMint’s culture and ambitions.”

By leveraging Accirro’s automated talent mapping algorithms and human intelligence capabilities, they could hyper-target passive overseas candidates with the niche React Native and startup experience needed and attract them through inspiring founder-led virtual sessions and networking opportunities.

For its established client base and referral partners, Accirro could instantly tap immense reserves of profoundly gifted React Native leads through its bi-directional private talent exchange ecosystem.

Building The Dream React Native Team in Weeks

Within 2 weeks, Accirro identified, screening and scheduled first-round technical interviews with 8 extremely qualified React Native mobile engineering prospects spanning 6 countries GrooveMint could have never discovered or successfully attracted themselves.

Another week of panel interviews with GrooveMint’s founders and Accirro further shortlisted the 4 most promising finalists that aligned with GrooveMint’s work ethic and culture with 2 clear frontrunners emerging.

Accirro rapidly coordinated comprehensive offer letters compliant across Brazil and Tunisia supported by dedicated TAMs helping navigate secured visa logistics, work eligibility, relocation support and other complexities while liaising hiring managers through required legal paperwork.

Just 3 weeks from the opening recruiter debrief call, GrooveMint had signed pre-employment contracts with their selected leads.

5 weeks after committing to explore global mobile engineering teams, GrooveMint had onboarded two phenomenal technical co-founders through Accirro mandating the company’s product engineering practices to rapidly deliver an awe-inspiring music platform poised to shake up mainstream norms.

The Outcome: Elite Global Talent Transforming Business Trajectory Overnight

“I can’t emphasize enough the sheer velocity and scale of value Accirro has enabled for us specifically through opening access to world-class mobile talent I didn’t know existed. Our global recruiting will remain a long-term partnership” effused Ade proudly of his high-impact hires driving GrooveMint’s exponential advancement.

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